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October 14th, 2020

@johnnyschaer All the time. Especially with your shots 😉

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@N_A_G_D @KrisRemels Ah, ok dus we zouden dan pakt 1 maand quarantaine doen en dan weer alles gewoon terug open…Qx

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I made this thread earlier this year. I feel like there are people out there who could use this today. Please…Y1

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@lyubomirvladim5 @elonmusk Pro-tip: Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission.

Go ahead.

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Blame has never fixed anything.

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woke up, checked the internet: assholes, haters, trolls everywhere… would love to go back to sleep while you…AD

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@wenztek @heyyoudvd @reckless I think it might send a backwards signal if they bring up less waste and taking…cV

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For a hot second, I thought the new iPhone got cheaper. Of course that was stupid. A 512 pro max still comes in…R5

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