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February 12th, 2021

When people ask you why you make Youtube videos. This is exactly why.…

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@caitchristinee Less bot views perhaps? Just guessing here.

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@kvandenhaute Absolutely: Thomas was a great example that direct these young student’s attention to😁 I did tell…6J

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Just spent 2 and a half hours talking to Artevelde Hogeschool IT students about what life is like as a freelance…fR

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@MattyWTF1 Not sure about quali but in the races, we’ve seen the Honeybadger’s got that certain something that…xd

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So you don’t want to get vaccinated because you think that pharma companies might not be entirely sure about its…P8

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@joristi @Knijntje Meanwhile ga ik slapen om 5u en ben ik wakker om 9u en weer volop in de weer! Gotta make it…QV

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