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February 18th, 2021

I’m not sure why but I have every bit of faith that they’ll land perfectly. Just like in 2012…Ra

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FPV and F1. That’s the dream. If one day I get to chase an F1 car using my FPV drone, it will be one of the…GY

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@redbullracing That race was one hell of a thriller. Pretty much the entire 2012 season was phenomenal. But those…gn

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@Peter_Lootens @davykestens @CakeDotApp Trust me: het aantal keer dat ik ‘kleine zelfstandigen’ heb zien klagen…5u

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@davykestens and clearly they are desperate for clients since their revenue took a huge hit since the beginning…Kf

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(A personal favorite)

Imagine the ego required to tell someone they’re not good yet but still asking them to do a project for you -that…yh

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Can’t wait to hear about the first drone flight on another planet!!!…

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You have to understand that at one point, there was a meeting titled “How do we land a 3.2 billion dollar rover…pg

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Whenever ANYBODY tells me that something is impossible, I tell them that there are robots on Mars and footsteps…VJ

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Yea baby! That’s the stuff! Working hard to cut down on those delays and keeping people safe!😁…

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Almost 10 years since I first saw this video. And it still is one of the most influential speeches I’ve ever heard.…

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