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June 16th, 2022

I really don’t like complaining about this stuff but FUCKING GRADE YOUR LOG FOOTAGE! At least convert it to…qn

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@kvandenhaute @vrtnws Gohja… tis simpel eh. Toerental is al dat telt. Wij hebben krachtige motoren met 7…gy

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DJI released their own video transmitter to monitor videos from your camera remotely

Some YouTube tech reviewer: “…kd

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It happened again. I realized that this happens when making said text bold. Clearly this is a super complicated…DZ

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After restarting Premiere, I am greeted with this message.

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I opened Premiere.
I made a new project.
I added 1 video.
I made it a proxy.
I added some text.

Premiere is now…Ae

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