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October 1st, 2010

Last minute change requests by the client. That’s why I prefer to wait just a few days before finishing a project… Easy peasy!

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Having a cécémel in the shopping centre

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Getting pasta. Hoping all goes well. Not sure if I can already eat spicy stuff…

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@joristimmerman I sure hope not. If it gets any thinner it’ll be bad. I’m not joking. Imagine picking up a credit card. :p

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The iPhone4 is so thin, it boggles my mind every time I pick it up… How did they put so much tech in such a tiny device!

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NSFW: Hottest Girl&Guitar video you’ll see. Ever. Amazing work! (via @hannes_bhc)

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And again: Micrsoft Exchange spits my mail back out. Reason? Attachement too big. Seriously? 9.5MB? Hotmail allows bigger!

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