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October 9th, 2010

McDonald’s-time with @lyntje. Celebrating the simultaneous end of 2 projects.

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@prplps … It has sequential timeline scripting features, etc. I used Tweener for 6 months before giving Tweenlite a run. Never went back.

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@prplps For starters: Tweenlite is (afaik) the fastest tweenlib out there. It has some great additional features(bezier animation etc) …

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The more I do with TweenLite, the more I realize how FREAKING AWESOME it is… It’s not just ‘some tween lib’…

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Westcoast shi-; Westcoast shi-; And now we gonna show you how the West coast rocks!

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HTML5/Canvas/websockets experiment featuring Rumpetrolls! made by @danielmahal @hpeikemo @hugoahlberg @simenbrekken -

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Well, let’s get some more work done.

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Good morning, world. Please slow down a bit and wait for me… I need a few hours to be completely awake. Kthxbye

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Think I’m ready. Everything is done as good as I possibly could.

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