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February 17th, 2012

Dear Apple. Lion is far from being the best OS ever. Not even close. It is better than losing your wallet though. Or a car accident.

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@joristi i feel the same way. But maybe it grows on us over time…

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@joristi Yes. They’re updating the logo to look more like a window, less like a flag.

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TheNextWeb Who needs SOPA? Legitimate sites can already be taken offline by over-zealous authorities by @MartinSFP on @TNWinsider

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Man, I sure will miss the colored Windows Flag logo. I grew up with that thing!

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Some great news to conclude this week! Heading home after a rather good day. Time for some drooling sleep in the train…

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There should really be a hardcore tutorial on how to use Premiere and After Effects in tandem…

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Man, Twitter spam is really out of control in the past few days :/

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@Plaxo is now following you on Twitter” - I thought Plaxo shut down? :/

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Can’t wait to finish today’s projects! Going to be awesome!

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