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February 26th, 2012

@miespaties Oh right! Well, then it’s no problem. ;)

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I work in Brussels and take the metro twice a day. I feel very safe doing that after seeing this video.

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Ladies and gentlemen, @lyntje and I have the keys to our new home.

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I hate it when Apple-blogs start revealing upcoming features of new hardware. Takes out all the fun… Some of us don’t want to know… yet.

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Saying that ‘Simulacra & Simulation’ is part of a remix in The Matrix is unnecessary. There’s a actual literal reference to it.

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Aww, doesn’t this just warm your heart? :) PS: @piyumz is from @SaatchiSL ;)

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Yea, we grew up during some pretty awesome times.

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lyntje Leuke blog ontdekt, jullie moeten beslist een kijkje nemen op Poeh, wou dat ik zo’n designskills had zeg! @missmurphy

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I slowed down my morning routine a bit. It took me 2 hours to get out of bed and prepare breakfast. Ahhh… Sunday… You so awesome!

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MnrCD I think, therefore I Cannes.

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