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February 22nd, 2012

@nickvegas Click on a profile (so a layer slides on top of the timeline), then hit ESC again. That’s what it is ;)

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RT @YourAnonNews: ✹ BREAKING ✹ EU suspends #ACTA ratification, refers treaty to court | <— THIS IS WHAT WE CAN …

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mattbrett Huh, zoom: 1; really does fix just about every bug IE7 throws at you. What a piece of shit that browser is. Man!

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@Simon_Gee it’s been like that forever. Nothing new there. They want your email to mail you their crap newsletters.

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Sliding progress bars are such lies. All of a sudden they stop moving. Why animate the bar if the process isn’t continuous but sequential?

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Finally then… RT @engadget: Google and Adobe team up to make Flash Player for Linux

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Had a great training session with 2 cool guys from the @rmgallery team! So totally going to rock DoubleClick Studio with our next campaign!

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To everyone who ever created an app, a widget, a plugin or a service and provided it (and maybe the source) for free: I love you guys.

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It’s one of these days where murdering someone just for kicks seems like a really good idea… You know… Just to ventilate a bit.

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adamkmccarthy Must. Have. This.

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Holy crab!! RT @aral: I wouldn’t want to encounter one of these babies on a stroll down the beach. #japanesespidercrab

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