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September 7th, 2012

So, Twitter caps 3rd party apps (basically telling them to fuck off) and then kills off it’s own desktop app. Why not just kill the service?

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Right… My package left the depot in Brussels this morning and went to Antwerps. They’ll deliver it on monday. In Brussels. Go go logistics!

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You know it’s your girlfriend’s Spotify playlist when the Spice Girls pop out of the speakers all of a sudden…

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@Ayame__ Whoa! Je verlaat Howest? Wat wordt het nieuwe avontuur? Alvast bedankt voor de vele tips & tricks over de jaren en succes ermee!

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If you want to mention 2 unrelated things like “I’ll have sex tonight” and “my mom is coming tonight”, you might wanna pause halfway in…

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“This stuff is hot as freshly aborted shit.” - James Kruger.

(He really likes what he & the design team is creating for this pitch.)

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@keskonfoula Had je wel een #NSFW bij kunnen zetten eh makker! :D Ik hier maar snel mijn tab toe klikken :p

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@joggink Haha! I’m pretty sure they changed it, though. Or am I just nuts?

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Did the Amazon website change? It looks like the .de website has undergone a design update.

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I / I
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