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September 10th, 2012

Ever since I got my dual 24” setup I wanted a dual 27” setup. Today I finally upped my nerd-level ^^

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Render! Render! Render! Whaaaat! Keyboard solo!

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This does not look like an Apple Cinema Display, an Apple Bluetooth keyboard or an Apple Magic Trackpad. Not. At. All.

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Holy shit!! Hackers leak pincodes of all Visa cards in the world. They got mine too! :s /via @de_yannick

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I totally love this kind of websites…

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I love it when somebody tells me something is not possible while I actually have done it at least 2 years ago.

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And of course, @bpost_nl’s complaint-form on their website only allows for 500 chars (which is too short) and dies after submission. Great.

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@delegatevoid Did you not see that I just spent 900€ on a new gadget?I’m broke!I can’t sue anybody now.But yea:that’s unacceptable @bpost_nl

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I love how @bpost_nl just dropped my 900€ package of at the front door without anybody signing/accepting it. Could as well have been stolen.

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@ardrone Very much! I didn’t take much or it would have caressed it. Luckily it didn’t :D

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