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June 9th, 2016

object404 @noCreativity Blame “killing” Flash and its replacement with the more size-hungry HTML5. Looks like 150-200kb is the new minimum Ad norm

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@jayemsee @fwa Haha! We’re working on something new which will be cool on a technical note but not ‘plain cool’ ;)

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It’s not pretty, it’s not sexy, it’s not fast but it works. Your user can access the site’s core experience. Mr 🔒! #lt

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You don’t *need* JS to build your basic portfolio site. Facebook has a full working mobile site that requires NO

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fwa @noCreativity we live by the motto that the best thing you have ever seen could be launched any second now :)

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@fwa I feel like ‘cool’ sites (like we had 10 years ago) are becoming scarce. Cool and delightful has made way for simple and generic.

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Hey @AdSomeNoise, why is this fullsized image in your leaderboard ad, here?

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Remember when you made Flash banner ads that were limited to 15, 40 or 50KB? Looks like those days (and file sizes) are long forgotten.

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You know the state of the web is sad when this tweet appears. RT @fwa: Seen any cool sites this week? Please share those links!

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