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June 18th, 2016

@tomhermans I’m very much intrigued by Samsung’s ecosystem.That’s what draws me to them. They’re repeating Apple’s wins: great integration

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Maybe @LewisHamilton did what Seb did last week in Canada: “touch the wall in quali so he doesn’t have to do that tomorrow” ;)

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@flrvt @tomhermans Ik ben nie goe in voetbal maar wel in programmeren. Ik gok dat daar iets niet helemaal juist staat. :p

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@Jannemans Loving the ‘up & running’ pun there ;)

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I’m not sure ho@SamsungMobilele managed to take a video feed with 2 stitches and process it in a way it adds a 3rd one. Seriouslyr360

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Having one of these babies around is not helping me stay away from the S7 Edge. At all.

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Ever since I tested the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at , I have been going back and forth about buying one. Damn you, Samsung!

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