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February 1st, 2011

YahooNews Swiss police say 54-year-old man admits to sexually abusing over 100 disabled adults and children in care homes:

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Cool stuff! RT @nickvegas: The Creative Gap: Becoming Better Than Most

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Rebooting because that is the universal cure for everything computer-related.

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Well, that’s that done! Now let’s have some belated breakfast!

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@N_A_G_D Cool! Ik zie u dan binnenkort terug ;) (MA IV) Ge kunt Devine toch precies nie echt loslaten eh? :D

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@N_A_G_D Welkom terug! Wie moet je vervangen? En welk vak geef je? In welk jaar? Yes yes yes! Many questions! :D

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@Leidenschaft Holy shit :| I need to listen to the radio more often since I had NO IDEA :s I hope you’re safe and well now

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I think I just fixed a bug for somebody… Why do I have this need to figure these things out!? Drives me mad!

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Finally got my Trace to terminal working again. Handy little tool. Best debugging tool EVER.

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Remember when everyone used to have some logo/shape/whatever as avatar instead of their personal picture of themselves?

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@joggink @leidenschaft Auwch! Evacuated. It’s that bad over there, huh? Hope she’s alright and well.

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Tutorials are not meant to appear in your demoreel. That’s why they’re called tutorials.

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