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March 12th, 2012

Building coding demo’s. Even though I’m dead tired, I love doing this :)

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Say what!? Twitter acquired posterous…? Not exactly something I saw coming… The question is now: Where are they going with this?

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iPhone 4S battery drained from 75% to 25% in about 80 minutes just by calling, SMSing, and mailing. Ridiculous.

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So, it’s one of these days, then…? Something way more important is bound to go wrong.

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The new Basecamp doesn’t support mobile. At all. Major turn off.

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You impress me every time. You know that, right? RT @NeuroProd:Not what I was looking for, but I like it. #OpenGL #GLSL

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I just love the Facebook-philosophy :)

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HarvardAsianGuy Nerd Joke: How do you generate a random string? Put a first year CS student in front of VIM and tell him to save and exit.

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Het lijkt altijd een beetje pointless om iets te retweeten nadat @boskabout dat al gedaan heeft.Iedereen die mij volgt,volgt hem toch ook :p

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The day at work starts with my second computer screen breaking and me banging my head against the table while trying to fix it. Awesome!

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lytchi The Agency List: #inspiration #webdesign

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webdevotion So nice to see the sun again. Shine baby, shine!

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@joristi nie zagen als ge erop zit. Ge zou kunnen buiten staan terwijl hij nie vertrekt en u nie meer laat opstappen :p

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Apple should really start sending the jailbreakers money. They are actively pointing out vulnerabilities and never aim to harm anyone.

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