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March 19th, 2012

UXYoda Minimalist design. Less design it is not.

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MurtenSaerbi The company I work for is looking for talented flash wizards, jQuery magicians, CSS guru’s and overall nice dudes/dudettes. #artcoreSociety

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@MurtenSaerbi Haha! Very subtle! I almost didn’t notice what was going on ;) Good luck finding your Guru/Wizard/Magician ;)

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It’s awesome to be called a name which is exactly what you set out to become.

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Yea baby! RT @aral_lara: You share it, we pizza-party it! Well done! @miespaties @noCreativity &the rest of the team!

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Anybody wanna tell me what @shipmentapp is? It seems they don’t want to tell me on their website (where I’m supposed to request an invite)

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Jonazzty RT @lyntje: Gezocht: Vlaamse stem m/v die voice-over van 1:30 min kan opnemen. info/contact via / @gentsagency RT = thx!

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@parko_Kortrijk dan was de persoon in kwestie nie in zijn beste humeur. Nie leuk om het weekend mee in te zetten.

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yratof Seriously, I DON’T NEED WIDOWS!!! I need width! Stupid alphabetised auto crap

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Alles wat ik voortaan online deel, kan een Pizza Party worden. Zelfs deze tweet. Doe ook mee op en win je Pizza Party.

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Big up for @davykestens. Got some remarkable investors backing his @twitspark business! Congrats man!

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