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June 26th, 2014

I absolutely love it when code I write works better than I actually planned.

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RT @N_A_G_D: @noCreativity story goes that it was called that to trick invaders. Iceland is green, Greenland is ice.

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Ow, man… Finally I got this working. This took me WAY too long… Time to hit the hay… Good morning all… :/

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Holy crap! I can hear our cat snoring… He’s like 15 feet away from me… How can a small thing like that make so much noise!?

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Have you ever thought about how absurd the name ‘Iceland’ is for a country? Could’ve been the name of a level in a Super Mario game!

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That was the unmistakable sound of our cat desperately trying to hold on to the side of the staircase right before he fell a few more feet.

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@mdo @ThinkGraphical Oh, so it’s not just that it’s taking so long to decide ;) That’s good news then ;) Good luck with the release!

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@mdo @ThinkGraphical did I see that correctly? “4 months ago”?! Damn :/ Anyway: good to see I’m not the only one with that on my mind :)

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