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July 14th, 2010

Getting dinner. Thinking about her. Time stands still. She can do that. Just like that.

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What a great way to end the day. NOT.

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I’d totally dig it if it stopped raining in about 80 minutes. A whole lot of sunshine would be more than welcome.

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lyntje Iemand ervaring met internationale verzendingen naar de VS? Pakketje moet absoluut binnen de 10 dagen in LA geraken. RT would be nice. #adaa

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tekkie Kudos to Chile 1st country to approve net neutrality law via @tekool #netneutrality < E-stonia, where are we at it!?

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@erwinverdonk @tekkie it’s a delicate subject. I wouldn’t want to make that call, but I’m glad however. I just hope we did them a favor

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That blows RT @BrunoFonzi: Adobe mentioned at UG meeting in San Francisco #Alchemy will remain a lab project no further support is planned.

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wernerramaekers Jamie Zawinski: “Linux is only free if your time has no value” (via @zef) (via @jfahrenkrug)

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@erwinverdonk @tekkie nice pic indeed :p but by forbidding them you take away the choice. What if some of them actually choose to wear them?

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@tekkie i’m not very fond of the burqa myself, but it’s part of a culture. People should be allowed to expres their own believe.

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@MrBrightSky yea, nee… toch liever nie. Dank u :p en ik woon ier mss zelfs al langer dan gij :p (sinds ik 4 jaar oud ben dus 20 jaar :p )

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Alarm at work went off. Cops showed up and were armed, thought I were a suspect, pointed guns at me. Almost shit my pants. #wtf

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What are you up to in the next life? Will you be the one?

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