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September 7th, 2011

@nickvegas hey man! Since you’re back in Chicago I assume your work at Hipstamatic is done. Anywhere where we can see what you did yet?

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Just one more because they rock: I am Iron Man.

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Except for her hair not being red, I guess that’s the closest anybody has ever come to look exactly like Jessica Rabbit.

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Best piece of media all day: Comic-Con 2011. Some VERY cool costumes in there!

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lyntje Misschien moeten we met alle #devine alumni een project/platform starten zodat mensen uit ons kunnen kiezen voor een freelance opdracht.

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Great read about vision and staying true to your beliefs.

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@DevinGus Hah, thanks! I’m not a beer-man though ;) A coke will do just fine! :D

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It’s a bad day. Too many signs… However, I’m not giving in! I’m going to make today awesome! There! Beat that!

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Did one last Titanium test with the blendModes before going to bed! I finally figured out how those blendModes work! FINALLY. Off to bed now

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jessefreeman After 2 months of doing JavaScipt I’m starting to see just how much I over architect AS3 code. Then again maybe JS is the 1 with the problem

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Learning about sound pressure, sound pressure levels and lots of other physics stuff. At 4.30AM. Right…

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Hands down the most impressive Kinect demo out there. Massive coolness!

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ColmBritton The more I hear about #update2011 the more I feel I’ve missed out. Sounds like @aral put on a stonker!

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