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December 19th, 2011

It’s time for Apple, Samsung and HTC to get out of the courtrooms and back in the R&D departments and create some cool stuff.

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I like this ‘coming home from work’-feeling. Kinda makes you appreciate everything just a bit more.

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@glenndavid ‘k Zou zeker willen maar kvrees niet da’k vrijaf ga kunnen pakken daarvoor :)

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Holy crap! You have to jump through quite some hoops just to get 3 youtube test-accounts running… Anyway: It’s finally working…

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Hurray for Google captchas. They’re getting increasingly difficult. (I was wrong btw)

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Bahaha! RT @lydiawil: Why do Java programmers wear glasses? They don’t C#

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Great read on a Monday. RT @object404: True story brah. 6 Real Acts of Self Defense Too Awesome for an Action Movie

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@rossrossros i have in fact done something similar in high school ;) somehow I turned the whole classroom blue…

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@ikbenmartijn ik verstuur bijna enkel nog iMessages. Ofwel ken jij niet genoeg mensen op iOS5 ofwel heb je weinig goede EDGE/3G ontvangst.

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One thing I miss ever since I started working at S&S is some spare time to do some experimenting. Will have to figure something out.

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smnprtz So, Flash Builder is on its 4.6 (!!!) release, and typing “||” is still not working.

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