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April 1st, 2020

@wouterds @MahammedZKhan Oh dear god… I told my girlfriend to cut my hair this weekend… The good thing about my…

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@wouterds A colleague of mine did that earlier this week. I have no idea why. It’s freaking me the fuck out.

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@vercoutere You know he really went all-out when breathing becomes coughing. That’s some serious commitment, right…

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As I rewatch this video, you can actually hear an FPV drone passing by to get a shot. I swear, my mind has been trained to hear drones 😂

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When somebody asks what ‘send it’ means, I just show them this video.

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@bobaesen Ok, ben mee… We zijn nog maar woensdag… Sterk bezig dus! 😁🙏

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The internal slogan of my current client is “Saving lives and livelihood”. It’s starting to dawn on me how REAL thi…

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@bobaesen Late to the party. Ik doe da al 2 weken🤣. Don’t judge. We all deal with this quarantine in our own way 😅

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Working for a client where an internal email states that their products are currently being used in the field to de…

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@StudioCaroBE Khad het ook al gezien. Tzal wa geven vant weekend…

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