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April 19th, 2020

@vrouwvanjudea Oh, felrood haar! Fucking LOOOOOVE it! ❤️

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Another FPV drone shoot in my calendar! Really liking how this FPV business thing is starting to take off…


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CorinnaKopf patience is key baby

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@Bart_Cologne Luxemburg. We gebruiken da toch nie en het zaait enkel maar verwarring met het echte Luxemburg en de hoofdstad.

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@sumienciega @tienpontlowiese Wacht, I just wanna make sure I get this right…

Als een vrouw voor gelijk wie…q5

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Just wanna remind everyone: If you talk to a dog and you don’t use your high-pitched dog-voice, you are a…MU

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@tienpontlowiese Uw eyeliner-lijntje en uw mondhoek-lijntje zijn echt in perfecte harmonie 🤯

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Soooo… You summon all willpower and discipline in the world to get going: You take a shower, trim your beard,…Dt

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Typical case of ‘camera man looks like an idiot but that footage is DOPE DOPE DOPE’. 🤩…

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I’m having one of those lazy sundays. So lazy in fact that I really want to record a video but can’t be wash up…BL

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@Bloodyspasm @itsnoomie Well, I can see why. The guy is badass, looks REAL good and is fucking loyal af. Any girl…2c

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@itsnoomie The whole point of Final Fantasy is that you don’t need a backstory of previous games. is like…7q

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Finally got around playing … BOY, AM I IN TROUBLE. I went for 9 hours straight in my first sitting. And…fL

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