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May 9th, 2010

@robpenner @peterelst Note that that blogpost is almost a year old ;) It doesn’t change a thing though… But just sayin’ ;)

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@Brmm Hmz, sounds like a good idea! Testing it asap!

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We tried that. Turns out Red5 is killing those bytearrays of sound (amf0 vs amf3). :(

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EXACTLY! RT @peterelst:either kick W3C butt and get standards adopted or accept technology like Flash & Silverlight continue to play a role

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Here’s a challenge: How to stream a local MP3 to a Red5 server (which then streams it to the other connected clients) without using the mic?

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@hellowouter haha! That’s better ;)

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Listening to @wouter @newmovieclip and @bit101 while they’re reinventing every song until it contains “all night long”. Hilarious :’)

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The iPhone really needs flash, no matter what Steve thinks. How is one supposed to take a photo in the dark??

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