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May 14th, 2010

This guy seems to be enjoying himself (sitting on a mini chair to play PS3 in the local cinema)

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Can’t believe how unbelievably hard something this simple tends to become…

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@boskabout Waarom presenteer je in godsnaam in de browser? :D Wa is er mis met een keynote/powerpoint preso?

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Right, I’ve got a deadline to make. So I’d really like it if you stopped wasting my freaking time, Dreamweaver. Get on with it, will ya?

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@erwinverdonk I can go with that. But rather then cease the app right away, get in touch with the developer(s) and just ASK them…

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Dear Web 2.0 companies. You shouldn’t cease your developer’s apps for â„¢ reasons. If anything you should pay them for making you look good.

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@aral: I’m kinda shocked,actually.They’d rather NOT have you create an app for their users than create one that refers to FB in the appname.

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It’s that time of the year again: Deviners pulling all-nighters. And let’s just be honest: We secretly missed it! #devine

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