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May 18th, 2010

Oh god… Something is bound to go wrong anytime soon… Murphy hasn’t been around for hours now… Could this be it? The end of Murphy?

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I really love how all that ‘waste of time’ and experimenting pays off: I’m creating this application so fast, I can’t believe it myself!

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@peterelst I’m most definitely sticking to #as3signals as much as possible. Saves so much time and makes everything just a bit more flexible

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@robpenner A bit of both: I’m flying forwards in my project and yet time seems to stand still. What took minutes, now only takes seconds ;)

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The more I use #as3signals, the more it feels like I’ve got a time machine…

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@tekkie I wouldn’t say MS Exhange email is a drainer. Doesn’t affect my batterlife too much.#boxcar Twitter @/DM push does on the other hand

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For the longest time I thought push on the iPhone wasn’t a real battery drainer, but apparently it is (at least of you’re using #boxcar)

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If I actually make this deadline, I consider myself pretty damn awesome… But I’ve still got a long way to go… Let’s get some sleep…

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Starting over is fun. But only if you choose to.

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