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October 9th, 2013

@boskabout Dus dan kan ik u huren op basis van mijn nood aan u? Voor bijvoorbeeld een uur? Is da nie gewoon prostitutie? :p

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How did I end up doing 7 hours of meetings today?! This shi’ cray’!!!

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Nothing say “PIMP” like a bumped-up washed-off green 80’s Mercedes with plastic spinning rims.

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What’s the difference between porn and #GTA5? [SFW]

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Just imagine making a billion dollar over a weekend…

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Guy calls the police. When they don’t answer his call, he goes to the police station and does so himself /via @mrTimp

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Ok, what is the deal with flies and flying near people’s ears? YOU’VE GOT A WHOLE FUCKING LIVING ROOM!


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