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September 13th, 2010

I just spent a minute in a test tube with David Suzuki. If you’ve got a minute you should too. (Interesting stuff)

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@MrBrightSky True, maar ik heb het nu dus over een ‘normale’ site. Custom ga’k eerder voor Flashsites gebruiken + wat @glenndavid zegt

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@MrBrightSky Custom or WordPress, depending on the kind of project

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Laundry day routine! Let’s do some more cleaning in the meanwhile, before I get back at my next project…

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That is pretty badass… RT @killthedinosaur: Iron man played with Tesla Coils :…

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@joggink Adding a new feed: or, adding something to a folder is just drag & drop :p

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That’s it: Went through 18000+ RSS items in about a week… Now this is done, I’m switching from Vienna to Gruml. Testing starts NOW!

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Eating @ikkekietje’s chocolate mousse. Purrrrfect…

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