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September 23rd, 2010

Having pasta with @ikkekietje, @MrBrightSky and @lyntje before heading to today’s pool-event!

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Aha! Paperwork for my passport arrived!

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@joristimmerman iPhone? (Waiting for mine, in the Phone House… Most intrigued :p )

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Wanna see @devdev_be play guitar hero? Watch this space for a link!

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@killthedinosaur too bad! I say you come over, no matter what. Who needs work anyway? :p

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@joristimmerman about half a minute. Lots of girls here today! Things have changed since you’ve been gone ;)

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@killthedinosaur afkomen is de boodschap! En breng de rest van de band ook meteen mee ;)

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We’re hosting a little guitar hero contest at our campus!

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