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September 27th, 2010

@joristimmerman No, Titanium Intro Tuts… I love tutorials but those are horrible. They get on my nerves like fucking flies at a barbeque!

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It’s a video-tutorial! People are watching! Make it interesting or just stick to a written step-by-step guide instead of boring me to death!

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Pretty mindblowing how ‘big’ Wordpress has become…

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He said “Let there be light” and then there was light. Ronny saw that the light was good (Yes, I mended the light that fell down yesterday)

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@thomasheylen ik heb al meetings gehad in de max, de fallstaff en café rouge. De laatste is de meer serieuze/chique aangelegenheid.

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Out for some shopping with the girlfriend.

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Already did a lot of great stuff today! That makes me happy and it almost makes me forget I have a swollen face!

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Newsflash: Whitespace is there for you to use it. And it’s FREE. Whitespace is a part of design. It’s not a waste of pixels!

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