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October 14th, 2011

@joristi Alright! Doe maar. Ge weet de bel zijn ;)

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@joristi Yea, afspraak aan mijn kot?

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@thenerd_be Ziet der goe uit. Screenshots althans. Handig dagge zo’n apps maakt … Als docent ;)

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RT @thenerd_be: My new Bluetooth #ios game just hit the AppStore - I’ve got some free promocodes for RT (and lots of love :)

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It’s awesome to be able to see if my friends are already at home, so I can head over.

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@aral I’m very much impressed how you’re always able to get hold of a new iPhone on release day. No lines at your local Apple store? :p

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@thenerd_be Ge krijgt daar toch altijd mails van x aantal dagen later? Of is’t nie da dagge zoekt?

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RT @aral: Ah, I wish more apps understood this. #ux #siri

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MurtenSaerbi Correct artikel, correcte mening. Mensen zouden zich beter bezig houden met hun eigen fouten op te lossen

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Of course “Find my friends” lacks every important aspect to be a social network. Because it isn’t intended to be a social network!

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Wifi sync not working due to ‘Sync will resume once COMPUTER is available’? Connect iDevice to iTunes & check this box

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Well, i guess the battery died… 4 years, 381 cycles… Battery health was still at 89% though… I thought I had another 2 years or so…

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Looks like something’s up with my Macbook’s battery…

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