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November 9th, 2011

RT @neurofuzzy: I dunno, “NEWS HTML5!” Just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “NEWS FLASH!”

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Man, it’s got to suck to be one of the Adobe FP Mobile engineers. Having put heart and effort into a project which is now dismissed.

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@joristi @boskabout ge weet wat ik bedoel. Rechtstreeks naar het platform. Niet via tussen-tools (met een eigen scripting taal).

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Kinda makes me think of crosscompiling and AIR. I’m fond of neither of those. It’s time to go native. Write JS right away.

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“build in Flash and convert to HTML/CSS/JS”.This sounds good but history already thought us that these generators aren’t as good as we wish

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Heading home after a very entertaining afternoon at the Saatchi offices in Brussels. In other news: I’m hungry as hell!

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mrchrisallen Teach JS. :) RT @sfdesigner: I think my ActionScript 3.0 class this weekend will be a little unusual. What would YOU do as a teacher?

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I was just called a designer-octopus. I don’t know what to say to that.

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Important moment coming up.

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Oh boy, I’ll kill somebody today… “send me the source FLA” and I get the SWF. When decompiling I realize this is the preloader SWF. Sigh.

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@peterelst Wow, zo raar. Lijkt me een heel rare move na die jarenlange inspanningen om de FP op mobile te verbeteren…

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Dear Adobe,all of the world is talking about you dropping FP for mobile.Would ya mind to venture an opinion here?Some of us don’t believe it

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Nothing more annoying than masking hair in Photoshop…

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It seems today I’m working together with a bunch of complete idiots. *sigh*

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@joristi Herstructurering van Adobe… Mensen van het Flash team die hun job kwijt zijn… Adobe die heroriënteert omtrent Flash/HTML5… Zoiets?

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Wow, I seem to have missed a major Adobe announcement today. At least that’s what my Twitter timeline suggests :/

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