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November 17th, 2011

I’ve been watching Vimeo clips for almost 8 hours today. And yet I still enjoy watching this one:

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Steffie_91 =)

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Overheard at work: “you talk verbal diarrhea”. Owkay…

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RT @HillStaffer: ██ Protect ███ ████ internet █████ ████ freedom ██ ███ not █████ â–ˆ corporate â–ˆ ████ interests â–ˆ #SOPA (stop online pira …

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thenerd_be Im wondering why google put effort in writing an iphone gmail app? Apple Mail supports it and their mobile web version is also great?

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Cool! Painting wifi network strength using light! Loving it!

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It seems to be pretty hard to find footage of engineers building stuff in the lab which is not related to cars.

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wimvanhenden #codinghorror: “It’s the damn users. They’ve ruined every program I’ve ever created.”

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Heading to Brussels to work on a freelance project at the Saatchi offices. I feel like such a grown up… So not like me.

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I think I just did something stupid… Oh god, I’ll regret this sometime soon. I’m sure.

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Is there a way of setting a global shortcut for Spotify to “star the current playing song” on OSX?

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